Board Forms

Hey guys! I’ve made some Google Forms to help out on the administrative end. All the forms required to be signed in to your sofasos e-mail as to prevent false submissions – however, if you find yourself needing a co-head or committee member frequently filling out these forms let me know and I can give them access as well.

Please fill out this form each month to give an overview of what your committee has been up to:

Monthly Report

In order to allow the Marketing committee to have ample time to create promotional material for us, let’s try to submit a request a week or two before. This form is just meant to make sure that all the necessary information is provided:

Marketing Request Form

In order to gauge the success of our events, evaluations are needed in two forms – both by us, and by our attendees. As such, there is a form for the organising party (it might be nice to get feedback from heads, co-heads, and committee members – although a separate form for the committee might be necessary to be made), and for the guests.

Event Evaluation Form (Organising Party)

Guest Evaluation Form (oops i forgot to finish making this one so give me a few days and i will)

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