Events & Marketing

What We Bring:

The Events & Marketing committees are dedicated to their respective tasks. In both committees, we prioritize making sure that So FASoS is the best we can be – either by orchestrating top tier social events, or through creative and effective communication.

The Events committee is responsible for organizing social events, making sure that each event is a success. They coordinate with venues and other student associations to bring only the best events to FASoS. More information concerning the events committee can be found here.

The Marketing & Communications committee is dedicated to getting the word out about So FASoS, promoting all the opportunities to the student body. This includes cooperation with both the Events, Education and Travel committee to make sure that the entirety of the association is represented.  More information regarding the Marketing & Communications committee can be found here.


For more information about our events, check out our Facebook.

To get in contact with the Events & Marketing committee directly, send an e-mail to /

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